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DOOF! Total Sally’s unique line of duffels and totes will be launching soon!

I'm really excited about this launch. Making duffels and totes has been one of my favorite things about printmaking so far. The duffel bags we offer here are amazing quality and available at a very good price. The sizes are compatible with a lot of different activities, like, going to the gym, packing up the kiddo for a sleepover, weekend trips, carryon items, even just keeping a go-bag around for last minute exits (I definitely needed one when I was expecting my baby). The duffels will also be available in a large size, which I haven't offered before, they'll be perfect for longer journeys or even camping trips.

As of now I'm only offering the large size of my tote bags, but with the launch of DOOF! I'll be offering the totes in small, medium, and large sizes. Also different natural material totes for shopping, library runs, or even just bringing wine to the party. These bags are endlessly useful and cute af too!

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