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Sally & Mark will be on Fork vs Spoon to talk about their TotalSally x Abercrombie collaboration

Sunday July 23rd at noon, Mark Abercrombie and Sally Torch will be guests on popular radio (and podcast) Fork VS Spoon with host Mandey Brown, owner of the infamous restaurants Imbibe in Chapel Hill, NC.

The two artists will chat about the project, the products, and people they hope to serve their looks to.

Sally Torch is the owner/operator behind a clothing and accessories company, a new venture for her after years of working as a graphic designer.

Mark Abercrombie is a popular contemporary artist in the North Carolina triangle area and his work is on display in many different venues and galleries including his own new location Wallflower in the hip little town of Carrboro, North Carolina. Work from the TotalSally x Abercrombie collection can seen and purchased their, some products will need to be ordered online at

Both Mark and Sally are proud of the work they are producing and are excited to share their project with a broader audience.

You can tune in online to hear Fork VS Spoon at

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